Continuing the Trident Debate

On Tuesday, 18 March, IISS hosted the event Continuing the Trident Debate: Role, Alternatives and Opportunity Cost. 

Three members of the Top Level Group, Sir Nick Harvey MP,  Admiral Lord West of Spithead, Baroness Williams of Crosby discussed together with Dr Julian Lewis MP the  implications and options that the UK will have to address leading up to the 2016 ‘Main Gate’ decision.

Following the July 2013 publication of the Trident Alternatives Review, and ahead of the May 2015 general election, this was a timely point to address salient questions which remain to be fully aired, including but not limited to the role, system options, deterrence postures and opportunity costs.

Ukraine Must Not Become a New Berlin Wall

In a new statement a leadership group from the US, Russia, Poland, Germany and the UK calls for a Joint Contact Group to address the crisis in Ukraine, for the territorial integrity of Ukraine to be respected, and for a new approach to building mutual security in the Euro-Atlantic region.

Read the full statement here.

How to Respond to Putin

Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP argues in ‘How to Respond to Putin’ that Russia’s actions in Ukraine will have had serious wider implications and the only way to stand up to Putin is through robust and targeted economic sanctions.

The full article is available on the European Leadership Network (ELN) website here.

MPs criticise UK refusal to attend nuclear weapons conference

The Guardian today reports that Britain will not attend an international conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, ministers will tell the Commons on Wednesday.

The decision will anger MPs across the political spectrum who say Britain should participate in the conference, due to be held in Mexico on Thursday.

“We should be there. I cannot understand why we are not [going]“, said James Arbuthnot, Conservative chairman of the Commons defence committee and a former defence minister.

Sir Nick Harvey, the Liberal Democrat MP and former armed forces minister, said the British refusal to attend the conference was a “disgrace”. He sharply attacked the government’s refusal to attend another conference last year in Oslo on the consequences of a nuclear conflict.

[Read the full article here]