Parliamentary Questions on Nuclear Weapons this month.

Written Parliamentary Questions and Debates have taken place in both Houses this month concerning the Strategic Defence and Security Review, and Trident’s role within Britian’s updated security posture.

Caroline Lucas MP questioned British Prime Minister David Cameron in the Commons regarding Trident’s position within a world in which the threat to Britain of interstate nuclear war was considered a ‘low likelihood’. You can read the Prime Minister’s answer here.

Leader of the House Lord Strathclyde debated the role of Trident within the context of Naval Spending reviews, you can read the debate that took place here.

Jeremy Corbyn MP posed a question to the Prime Minister regarding the legality of Trident renewal within the context of Britain’s committments as an NPT signatory. Mr Corbyn insinuated that any potential Trident renewal would be ‘illegal’, read the Prime Minister’s reply here.

Paul Flynn MP has submitted a written question to the Ministry of Defence regarding the situation of US owned B61 Strategic nuclear bombs in Europe. You can read the Ministry’s response here.