Questions submitted on Nuclear Weapons

November has seen a number of Parliamentarians debating and submitting questions regarding Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent system and larger multilateral disarmament issues.

Paul Flynn MP has asked the Foreign Secreatry whether, given the outlines set out by the Strategic Defence and Security Review, a framework for multilateral nuclear disarmament can be put in place. You can read the response here

In the House of Lords, Lord Peston and Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay have debated the possiblilty of Trident renewal and suggested it to be a waste of money. You can read their debate in full here.

Caroline Lucas MP has submitted a question to the Foreign Secretary regarding the British Government’s position on the upcoming meeting of the UN Disarmament Committee and with particular regard to (a) the Nuclear Weapons Convention (draft resolution L.50) and (b) d-alerting (draft resolution L42). You can read the Minster’s response here.

Julian Huppert MP has submitted a question to Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox, concerning the costs of renewing Trident in each of the first five years of its operation. To see Dr Fox’s reponse click here. Mr Huppert submitted a further question to the Secretary regarding his most recent estimate is of the projected (a) discounted and (b) undiscounted nuclear decommissioning costs for Trident replacement. The minister’s response can be found here.