Written Questions on Trident

A number of Parliamentarians have submitted questions to the Secretary of State for Defence concerning Trident.

Julian Lewis MP sumbitted three questions to Secretary Fox; the first regarding the date that the Secretary first knew that Trident would be included in the SDSR, read Dr Fox’s answer here; The second regarding what adivce the Secretary recieved from the Military regarding the decision to postpone Trident renewal. You can read the Secretary’s response here. Lastly Mr Lewis quizzed the Defence Minister about whether alternative methods of Nuclear deterrence other than Trident had been explored by the Government. Read the response here.

Julian Huppert MP has submitted a question to the Ministry of Defence regarding the cost to the government of the D5 Trident missile extension programme. Read Dr Fox’s response here.

Caroline Lucas MP has sumbitted a question concerning the length of time and the cost of the Trident renewal programme will be for each submarine. You can read the Secretary’s response here.