Parliamentary questions and debates on Nuclear Weapons

Debates and questions have been ongoing throughout this week with regard to issues relating to Nuclear weapons policy, Trident costs, and value for money review programmes.

A debate in the House of Commons between Cathy Jamieson MP, Alistair Burt MP, and Julian Lewis MP focused on Britain’s commitment to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and in particular the recent Anglo-French defence agreement impinging on the treaty’s article VI. You can read the debate in full here.

Angus Robertson MP has written the Secretary of Defence to ask if he will estimate the cost to the public purse of extending the life of the current fleet of Vanguard submarines to 2028. Read Secretary Fox’s answer here.

Bernard Jenkin MP has written to the Ministry of Defence to enquire as to what account the Department took of (a) defence inflation, (b) unforeseen design risks and (c) changes in specification between 2010 and 2016 in identifying cost savings in the Trident value for money review. Read Dr Fox’s response here.

A further Debate took place in the Commons between Julian Huppert MP, Dr Liam Fox MP, Paul Flynn MP, Julian Lewis MP, and John Woodcock MP. Read the full text of a lively discussion here.