Questions on Trident

Caroline Lucas MP has submitted a question to the Ministry of Defence regarding Tritium supplies for the Trident Warheads until they reach their replacement date, and whether the securing of Tritium is regarded by the Ministry as a potential source of risk. Read the Minister’s response here.

Paul Flynn MP has submitted two questions to the Secretary of Defence. The first to ask what expenditure his Department has incurred on the Nuclear Weapons Capability Sustainment Programme in each year since the programme’s inception; and what estimate he has made of such expenditure in each remaining year of the programme. The second to ask until what date the Atomic Weapons Establishment has been tasked to guarantee the reliability of the Trident warhead arsenal. Read Dr Fox’s replies here.

Angus Robertson MP has written to the Secretary of Defence to ask what plans he has for the sale to the private sector of facilities at Coulport for (a) the storage of Trident warheads, (b) the processing of Trident warheads, (c) the storage of Trident missiles and (d) operations at the explosives handling jetty. Read the Secretary’s response here.

Peter Bone MP has written to ask the Secretary of State for Defence what estimate he has made of the likely cost to the public purse of Trident replacement following an Initial Gate Decision in the (a) present and (b) next Parliament. Read Dr Fox’s response here.


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