UK and France Sign Agreements on Civil Nuclear Energy, Security and Defence, and Syria

Following a UK-France summit hosted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, an agreement on strengthening cooperation on civil nuclear energy between France and the UK was reached.

In addition to the partnership agreement on civil nuclear energy cooperation, the summit also resulted in a communique on Syria and a declaration on security and defence. The latter addresses issues such as cooperation on research and technology, cyber security and counter terrorism. Britain and France agreed to accelerate plans to create a joint control and command centre for future military operations. The two leaders will also push ahead with the next phase of plans to build a new generation of fighter drone aircrafts.

UK Prime Minister Cameron said at the summit: “Our militaries are working together on cutting edge military technology. This relationship is vital for the national security and the prosperity of both Britain and France.”

The full text of the declarations can be found here:
UK-France declaration on security and defence
UK-France declaration civil nuclear energy
UK-France Communique: Syria