Menzies Campbell: Time to abandon the ‘Moscow criterion’

TLG member Sir Menzies Campbell MP wrote in the Financial Times on 15th May 2012 that it is time to abandon the ‘Moscow criterion’.

A decision to announce publicly that we renounce the Moscow Criterion could be made without any prejudice to our security. It would make a significant contribution to the multilateral disarmament so eloquently promoted by President Obama in his Prague speech. It would be entirely consistent with the multilateral political initiatives being taken on both sides of the Atlantic by politicians and officials, like Henry Kissinger and George Schultz, and Des Browne and Malcolm Rifkind, who had responsibility for nuclear policy during and after the Cold War.

Could it provide fresh impetus for discussion between NATO’s nuclear powers and Russia? There is no guarantee that it would do so, but we don’t know until we try. And we can try without any risk to ourselves.

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Sir David Omand, Sir Kevin Tebbit and Mr Franklin Miller responded to Sir Menzies Campbell’s article: ‘UK cannot afford to be complacent‘, Financial Times, 22 May 2012.