‘Revamping Euro-Atlantic Security’

The International Herald Tribune has today published an article by Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor Ivanov and Sam Nunn in which they argue that Cold War-era strategies and tactics are ill-suited to the real and current threats we face. The authors describe working this past year with over 30 senior political, military and security experts from across the Euro-Atlantic area to develop a new approach for building mutual security in the region. This approach is set out as recommendations for key policy changes for presidents, prime ministers, parliamentarians and publics.

Read the International Herald Tribune article here.

Lord Browne is a former British defence secretary, convener of the Top Level Group, and Chair of the European Leadership Network; Ambassador Ischinger is a former German deputy foreign minister and Chairman of the Munich Security Conference. Igor Ivanov, former Russian foreign minister, is president of the Russian International Affairs Council. Sam Nunn, former U.S. senator, is co-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative. They are co-chairmen of the “Building Mutual Security in the Euro-Atlantic Region” initiative.