Please see below for a list of recent events which the TLG organised or at which members of the Group have participated:

Inaugural Meeting of the UK-French Leadership Group on Euro-Atlantic Security and Nuclear Issues, December 2015. In December, TLG member Lord Owen, and former TLG members Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Sir John Stanley, attended the inaugural meeting of the UK-French Leadership Group on Euro-Atlantic Security and Nuclear Issues. The meeting was co-organised by the ELN and French nuclear disarmament group Arretez La Bombe. The group discussed nuclear non-proliferation, security and disarmament, amongst other issues. Prominent French attendees included former Defence Minister Paul Quilès and former Foreign Minister Hubert Védrine. Many of the participants stated their willingness to work together to develop and disseminate possible solutions to the challenges discussed. The group agreed to develop ideas on measures that the UK and France could take to reinforce the INF treaty; address the issue of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe; work together to support the Nuclear Security Summit process and to address nuclear materials security challenges and the threat of nuclear terrorism; develop a proposal to promote the adoption of a Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty and the coming into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty; monitor efforts to implement the Iran deal and consideration of what the UK and France can together do to ensure its long-term viability; explore what joint efforts could be undertaken for countries of concern which sit outside of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) (China, India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea); explore what France and the UK can do to ensure the NPT “P5 Process” continues productively in support of strengthening the entire NPT regime; and make a public call from the group for the US and Russia, as the possessors of over 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons, to pursue further bi-lateral dialogue on strategic nuclear weapons reductions, building on New START.

Parliamentary Briefing on the UK vote on the Trident nuclear system, November 2015. In November, the TLG briefed MPs and Members of the House of Lords on the UK vote on the Trident nuclear system. The meeting was chaired by TLG Convenor Dame Margaret Beckett, with briefings from TLG member Baroness Williams, former TLG member Sir Malcolm Rifkind, and Director-General of the Royal United Services Institute Professor Mike Clarke. The briefing was well attended by MPs from across the political parties, and the TLG has been asked to host another such briefing closer to the date of the vote (to be announced).

Rt. Hon. Tobias Ellwood MP, the Foreign Office Minister responsible for international defence and security and the NPT briefed the TLG, July 2015. The TLG met privately with the Rt. Hon. Tobias Ellwood MP, the Foreign Office Minister responsible for international defence and security and the NPT, to discuss the outcomes of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference and the UK’s approach to nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. Members were keen to explore ways in which the UK could pursue disarmament efforts in spite of the failure of the NPT Review Conference to agree a final consensus document.

‘The devil is in the detail: What should a deal with Iran look like?’, Wednesday 17th June, 2015. This was a TLG-APPG Global Security Briefing on the Iranian nuclear negotiations with expert speakers Dr. Bruno Tertrais and Lukasz Kulesa, Research Director at the ELN.

Key Nuclear Security Events in March 2015 – sponsored by members of the TLG, March 2015. On 17 March, there was a TLG-ELN Parliamentary Briefing on The Nuclear State of Play: 2015 and beyond, chaired by Baroness Shirley Williams. A few days prior, on 9 March, a Backbench Business General Debate on the NPT Review Conference was held in the House of Commons. Among the TLG members who took part were Margaret Beckett, John Stanley, and Alistair Burt. And on 3 March, TLG hosted in collaboration with the APPG on Global Security a Parliamentary Briefing on the London P5 Meeting, chaired by Lord David Hannay.

In October 2014, Michael Ancram and Malcolm Rifkind participated at a Conservative Party Conference Event on ‘Might 12,000 Nuclear Weapons Be More Than We Need? The Case For Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament’.

TLG briefed by Austrian Ambassador, Alexander Kmentt, Director for Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, July 2014. The TLG hosted Austria’s Ambassador Alexander Kmentt, Director for Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, at a meeting in parliament as well as another event at the Austrian embassy. At these events he engaged with parliamentarians, civil society and the expert community on the issue. TLG members subsequently spoke with Foreign Office officials on the initiative, including in a meeting between Lord Browne (former TLG Convenor) and senior figures at the FCO. This contributed to a UK decision to attend the Vienna Conference. At the conference in December 2014, Lord Browne also delivered a global statement signed by over one hundred statesmen and women, including thirteen members of the TLG, supporting the HINW initiative. The intervention by the ELN and TLG received extensive coverage, including in the widely read Guardian.

RUSI held a discussion panel on the Collision Course: Iran and the West on 8 March 2012. The panel, including Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP, Peter Jenkins, Shashank Joshi, discussed the looming possibility of military intervention in Iran as tensions increase among a concert of western countries over its nuclear activities and refusal to comply with UN Security Council resolutions. Read more about the event and watch the panel’s statements here.

LSE: SIPRI Nuclear Yearbook 2010 Launch TLG convenor Lord Desmond Browne, and TLG member Baroness Shirley Williams were invited to speak at a conference at the LSE Thursday 2 December 2010. Hosted by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) to launch their 2010 Yearbook on Nuclear Weapons in Europe, Browne and Williams discussed NATO’s strategic concept, and the current status of both American and European efforts to encourage multi-lateral disarmament. You can read a brief summary of the event here. You can also download and listen to a Podcast of the event here.

UNA-UK High Level Round Table: The Prospects for Nuclear disarmament and Non-Proliferation beyond 2010: NATO’s New Strategic Concept & the outcome of the NPT review. TLG members Lord Ramsbotham, Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Baroness Shirley Williams participated in a Round Table discussion hosted by UNA-UK at the Royal Society on Monday 29 November 2010. Lord Desmond Browne and Sir Menzies Campbell chaired discussions on US and Chinese perspectives on Nuclear disarmament.

Global Strategy Forum Debate: ‘Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Arms Control: Can We Really ‘Count Down to Zero’?’ on Tuesday 23 November, TLG members Lord Desmond Browne and Sir Malcolm Rifkind participated in a discussion chaired by fellow TLG member Michael Ancram. Debate focused on current challenges facing global nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, and raised the possibility of achieving a nuclear free world.

BASIC-TLG Discussion on Trident Renewal: on 12 October 2010, TLG members Lord Desmond Browne, Bob Ainsworth, Lord Geoffrey Howe, Lord David Ramsbotham, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Margaret Beckett, and Baroness Shirley Williams participated in a discussion with members of the British American Security Information Council to discuss security, budgetary and international stability issues surrounding the Trident renewal programme. To read a summary of the meeting click here.

Center for American Progress discussion: Des Browne MP participated in a conference call with other experts regarding US allies’ reaction to New START Treaty on 6 April 2010. To learn more click here.

BASIC event with Brian Eno: On Monday 1 February 2010, Brian Eno hosted an event to broaden support for nuclear disarmament. Several Top Level Group members were present. To read more about the event please click here.

Radio 4’s Today Programme: On Saturday 2 January 2010 Baroness Williams was a guest editor on the Today Programme. Click here to read the listing and to listen to the show.

“Towards Zero” – RUSI, BASIC and UNA-UK conference: On Thursday 3 December 2009, TLG members James Arbuthnot MP and Baroness Williams addressed this conference. Please click here to read about this event and listen to the sessions.

Seventh Annual Fletcher School London Symposium: On Thursday 3 December 2009 Convener Des Browne MP addressed the symposium. Click here to read about the event.

Royal Society event: Tuesday 1 December 2009 Baroness Williams chaired this event which was addressed by Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala. Click here to read about the event.

Official Launch of the Top Level Group: On Thursday 29 October 2009 The Top Level Group of UK Parliamentarians For Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament & Nuclear Disarmament was launched. Click here to read about the event.

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