Speeches, Lectures & Info

Lord David Hannay gave a talk at the Institute of International and European Affairs: ‘Britain in Europe: The Way Ahead’ on 28 March 2016.

On 20 April 2016, TLG member The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP’s speech on Europe and the special relationship at Princeton University. The lecture is available here.

On 5 November 2013, the UK Project on Nuclear Issues, together with the Top Level Group, hosted its autumn seminar on the theme of ‘The People behind the Policies.’ TLG member Margaret Beckett MP, Lord Owen and Lord Browne discussed their experiences of shaping nuclear weapons policy, and the future of Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

On 11 July 2013, TLG Convener Des Browne, participated in the Wilton Park Conference Towards global nuclear order: deterrence, assurance and reductions. Lord Browne, Malcolm Chalmers from RUSI and Patricia Lewis from Chatham House recorded a podcast on the sideline of the  Conference. They spoke about what trident is and what the alternatives are and discussed whether a country like Britain can be a nuclear state by falling under the protection of another nuclear weapon state.  The podcast is available here.

On 12 November 2012, Margaret Beckett MP addressed members of the European Leadership Network (ELN), outlining her vision of nuclear disarmament and applauding the actions which have been taken since her well-respected speech at the Carnegie International Non-proliferation Conference in Washington DC, in 2007. In spite of these positive changes however, there are many reasons for remaining concern. And she called on Europe to find its voice in the process of creating the conditions for a world free of nuclear weapon European Voice. The full speech is available here.

On 23 June 2011, Lord Robertson of Port Ellen made the case for Trident in a speech at the Royal Society of Edinburgh Mock Trial. The speech, entitled ‘Trident, should we keep it? The case for Yes’, can be read here.

On 16 December 2010, Lord Des Browne of Ladyton spoke on NATO’s Nuclear Policy at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH) in November 2010. Read the full speech on the website of the European Leadership Network for Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation.

Lord Desmond Browne of Ladyton, convener of the TLG has spoken at length in the House of Lord’s of his desire to work toward a world free of nuclear weapons. You can read his speech in its entirety here

Rt. Hon. Des Browne spoke about the importance of political leadership in achieving a nuclear weapon free world at the David Davies Memorial Institute Annual Lecture, Aberystwyth University, Wednesday 28 April 2010.

To watch the live stream and read more about the lecture, which included insights drawn from his political career, click here.

You can also find a shortened version of the Aberystwyth lecture in an article named “The importance of political leadership” here (page 103).

A related article can also be found here.

On 5 March 2010, Baroness Shirley Williams endorsed a campaign by an alliance of nine UK Churches, which calls on the British Government to make a commitment to achieving a world free of nuclear weapons, building a safer future for all.

Baroness Williams said: “The proliferation of nuclear weapons and climate change are the greatest threats to the survival of humankind. We have only a few years, at most a decade or so, to control and eventually abolish nuclear weapons. The support of concerned citizens in the UK and elsewhere is vital. The Churches have already played a crucial part in breaking the bonds of debt on poor countries and their leadership on this issue is equally important and urgently needed.”

More information on the campaign is available here.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind spoke about the Global Zero campaign at the James Martin 21st Century School, University of Oxford, Thursday 22 October 2009. To listen to the speech, please click here.

Baroness Williams of Crosby moving a debate in the House of Lords on Nuclear Proliferation, 26 March 2009. Click here to read Baroness Williams opening statement and the debate.

Baroness Williams of Crosby gives evidence to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, 5 November 2008. Click here to read the report.

Des Browne MP addresses Geneva’s Conference on Disarmament, 5 February 2008.  Clickhereto read Mr Browne’s speech.

Margaret Beckett MP addresses Carnegie International Nonproliferation Conference, 25 June 2008. Click here to read Mrs Beckett’s speech.

Right Honourable Professor Shirley Williams [Baroness Williams of Crosby] spoke on the NPT and International Disarmament.

Remarks from “Working Toward A World Free of Nuclear Weapons”, Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, and the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, Assembly Hall, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 2 May 2008. Click here to read the speech.

On 5 February 2008, Secretary of State for Defence, Des Browne addressed Geneva’s Conference on Disarmament.

His speech ‘Laying the Foundations for Multilateral Disarmament’ is available online here.