New Wall Street Journal Op-ed by US Gang of Four

(R-L) Sam Nunn George Shultz, Henry Kissinger and Bill Perry

(R-L) Sam Nunn George Shultz, Henry Kissinger and Bill Perry

Today the Wall Street Journal published a new op-ed by George Shultz, William Perry, Henry Kissinger and Sam Nunn in which they argue that nuclear dangers remain all too real and that “the pace of work doesn’t now match the urgency of the threat.”

Today’s joint op-ed is the fifth since their seminal article of January 2007 which renergised the international momentum for further multilateral disarmament, non-proliferation and improved nuclear security. The 2007 article inspired several other “Gangs” of senior statemen to make similar calls in their respective countries. This included United Kingdom with the TLG members Douglas Hurd (former Conservative Foreign Secretary), Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP (former Conservative Foreign and Defence Secretary), George Robertson, (former Labour Defence Secretary and NATO secretary-general), and David Owen (former Labour Foreign Secretary and current Liberal Democrat peer) publishing a letter to the Times in June 2008.

The formation of the Top Level Group was inspired by the example of former Secretaries Shultz, Perry, Kissinger and Senator Nunn. The TLG commends their dedication to reducing the world’s nuclear dangers.

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